Life Raft Inspection and Maintenance / Provision of Inventory Lists

Life Raft Inspection and Maintenance

MOL ENGINEERING arranges periodic inspections and maintenance of life rafts, which are placed aboard all MOL Group-operated vessels. Furthermore we arrange regular inspections of onboard safety equipment (fire extinguishing equipment, life jackets, breathing apparatus, water-quality testing devices, and so on).
MOL ENGINEERING also provides technical backup for VIKING's Life-saving Equipment, for which MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd. serves as the sole agency in Japan, further enhancing the safety of group vessel operation.

During life raft installation
Checking life raft inflation
Checking life raft inflation
Checking life raft inflation

For inquiries on life rafts, contact the Technical Division:

Provision of Inventory Lists

The Ship Recycling Convention, aimed at ensuring the safety of laborers in ship recycling (scrapping) and protecting the environment requires an inventory list, a list of the location of any hazardous materials remaining on board, and a certificate of conformance.
MOL ENGINEERING provides these lists and conducts ship visits to gather information related to certificates of conformance.

Meeting with Ship's staff
Sampling on board
Sampling on board

For inquiries on providing inventory lists, contact the Technical Division: